My practice is focussing on advising and supporting entities that are working in the fields of Music, Entertainment and Events. We work together to manage and solve your legal matter in the most effective way. I always aim at a solution which is aligned with your business objectives.

Musicians, Deejays, Producers

Feel free to contact me, for example when you need advice about starting your own company, making money in the (Dutch) music business, releasing your own music, to draw up your own performing or publishing contract or to register your own copyrights.

Record labels, Booking agencies, Artist management, Event, Festival and Concert Organisors

I’m supporting and representing several enterprises working in this business. I’m specialised in reviewing or setting up contracts on matters like publishing, distribution, merchandise, performing and artist management. I also advise several event organisations on risk management, liability and damage control. Finally, I can mediate for you in disputes with hired third parties or start a legal procedure if necessary.