Contract Law

One of the most important law branches is Contract law, mostly (international) business related. Advising small and bigger enterprises on their commercial contracts and other official documents, and investigation or litigation if necessary in matters concerning your contracts.

Company Law

National and international law is increasing en is getter more and more complex. Most entrepreneurs don’t have the time anymore to overview all aspects of doin’ business. If you are planning on doin’ business in The Netherlands and you need any support concerning Dutch (company) law, please contact me to discuss what I can do for you. For example to investigate the consequences of new Dutch law for your business, to advice you on changes in your contract with a Dutch enterprise, to start up a joint venture with an overseas enterprise or to solve a problem with your supplier in Holland.

Most cases concerning commercial law, financial law, company law, (product) liability, media law, cyber law, trade law and real estate.

Labour Law

I’m often asked to adjudge several kinds of labour or management contracts, to advice on collective or individual dismissal or reorganisations and everything that comes with it.

Also employees who are facing imminent lay-off know where to find me. I can negotiate for a decent transition fee or start a procedure against your former employer.